Financing Opportunities for Your Next Project

Finding the right project financing for your needs can be easier than you think. You can look into various options including traditional bank loans, equity financing and investors for the best fit. This means doing a bit of research into both traditional and non-traditional sources to find the pros and cons of each.


Bank Loans


One of the biggest benefits of using a bank loan to finance your next project is that you can find special programs for local area improvements, loans backed partially or in full by government agencies and fixed interest rates.


Traditional bank loans for real estate projects can be one of the most difficult, and one of the longest, methods you choose. You will need to have the right documentation, debt-to-income ratio and much more to convince bank underwriters that the loan is worth the risk. Because getting a traditional bank loan can take weeks or months, most people will not use it to finance their next project.


Equity Financing


Equity financing is the method of selling your shares in an enterprise. This type of project financing is not a loan, so it does not interact with your credit history and does not need to be paid back. Venture capital and home equity loans are two sources of this type of funding. This is usually a quicker way to get financing than a traditional bank loan, so it can help you take advantage of expiring deals.


One down side to equity financing is that you are giving up ownership control of your enterprise and will have to share both ownership and profits. For some, this is a small price to pay to get the next project rolling.


Investor Financing


Investor financing also splits the ownership of the project between you and others, the investors in this case. You can find people who want to see the project done, have faith that you can do it, and want to reap some of the reward. These people will invest their money into your project in exchange for a portion of the profits or proceeds.


Project financing can come from many different places such as loans, equity and investors. This can help you pay for your current project or for the next one. By using non-traditional financing options such as equity and investors, you can take timely advantage of property or equipment deals instead of hoping to get a good price when the loans are approved.

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