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Whether you are a manufacturer, a distributor or a wholesaler, Global Funding Platform offers funding solutions for new business growth. Advancing your company is not always as simple as minimizing expenses and increasing revenue. That is why we recommend purchase order financing to help you overcome challenges and import, export, purchase or produce the goods necessary for your business’s success.

Start-ups, businesses with little or no cash flow, and those with a lack of access to capital are all candidates for purchase order financing. We want your company to thrive, and that is why we provide expertise in production finance for work in process, as well as letters of credit for import, export and domestic transactions.

Why You Should Consider Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing provides a number of significant advantages. For example, this method prevents much of the stress that typically accompanies bank loan applications and increased bank debt. Other benefits to this method of funds procurement include the following:

  • Prompt acquisition of funds
  • Funding flexibility
  • Inventory enhancement
  • Market share growth
  • Upfront purchasing power

As a result of this empowerment, you can guarantee prompt deliveries to your customers and establish strong relationships to ensure continued growth.

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