Offering You a Better Business Equipment Solution

The success of your business is built upon the back of your business equipment. Without having the latest technological tools are your disposal, you’re limited in your capacity to meet your clients’ needs. Yet buying such equipment can be extremely expensive, and will often require a large financial commitment up-front in order to obtain the equipment financing that you need. If you’d rather preserve your company’s financial flexibility, Global Funding Platform can help.

Our Leasing Options

We offer a wide range of equipment leasing options for you to choose from. No matter what your equipment needs are, we have a financing package that can be tailored to meet them. Our leasing options offer a number of unique benefits, including:

  • Financing options for startups and small businesses
  • Lease packages for companies with poor credit profiles
  • Guaranteed approvals for government and municipal agencies

The lease financing packages that we make available to you can be structured for deals ranging from small ticket orders of less than $150,000 to larger orders of more than $500,000. Approvals can be done in as quickly as a day, and we offer numerous payment structures. Even if you’ve already purchased equipment, we have a Sale and Lease Back option that lets you gain immediate capital by selling your equipment to us and then leasing it right back.

Avoiding Obsolescence

Many clients ask us why as a financing company would we tout the benefits of leasing. The answer is simple: our priority is your satisfaction. We’ve seen too many companies spend a small fortune in business equipment, only to then have to replace it when technological advances make that equipment obsolete within two to three years. By leasing your equipment, you allow yourself the chance to upgrade to accommodate newer technologies without having to worry about the financial repercussions.

Why tie yourself down to soon-to-be-obsolete equipment when our team here at Global Funding Platform has a better solution? By taking advantage of one of our many leasing options, you’ll ensure your ability to satisfy client demands while also maintaining the option to upgrade at a moment’s notice. Let us provide you with that financial freedom. To get started on your equipment leasing application, call and speak with one of our financial experts today.