Empowering Consumers for Business Growth

Global Funding Platform realizes that by offering consumer financing, we are able to provide companies with many advantages. That is why we facilitate the launching of successful credit card programs for businesses of all sizes. Our approach allows us to tailor our consumer finance program for any company that sells products or services for less than $10,000. Our programs are known for the following:

  • Collecting bad debt portfolios
  • Making an array of funding options available
  • Creating loyal customers that bring back their business
  • Improving foot traffic
  • Increasing brand awareness

Boosting Customer Satisfaction

We know that what is good for your customers is profitable for you. That is why we designed our credit program to provide the maximum number of benefits for your customers, including:

  • Immediate decisions
  • Consistent approvals
  • Strong limits
  • Flexible rates
  • Tiered pricing
  • Rapid funds deposits
  • Prompt support on inquiries

Our consumer finance program can cater to customers who have been turned down because of a low credit score, too. Even those with a Fico score as low as 580 can apply.

Providing Ample Support

We provide the tools you need to help your business grow. Your business receives a boost from our on-going service that includes:

  • Rapid implementation
  • Training solutions and comprehensive program support
  • Protected methods for processing transactions
  • Marketing support

Give your customers the freedom they need to become a part of your growing business by contacting Global Funding Platform and learning more about our consumer finance program today.