The Solutions to Your AR Problems

As a business owner, you want to do all that you can to accommodate your clients. In many cases, that includes offering services payable by invoices within one to three months. While your clients are no doubt appreciative of this courtesy, it keeps you from the immediately enjoying the full financial benefits of the services that your render. Plus, it also puts you in the position if having to be a bill collector. We here at Global Funding Platform can help you end the stress that comes in dealing with accounts receivables.

How Financing Receivables Works

Financing receivables offers you a better solution for dealing with your AR. How is this done? It’s simple:

  • You sell your outstanding invoices to us
  • We collect on the invoices from your clients
  • As new clients come on board, we offer services such as background checks and credit insurance to help you avoid being saddled with bad debt

This service, also known as factoring, allows you the chance to enjoy the immediate fiscal benefits of your invoices with having to worry about recourses. Plus, you maintain your borrowing capacity through conventional lenders to be used in other areas.

Don’t think that you have to result to assuming more debt in order to support your operations as you wait for your invoices to be paid. Simply sell those invoices to us here at Global Funding Platform and let us worry about getting them paid. With our help, your concerns over AR will quickly become a thing of the past. To get more information on our Accounts Receivable Financing Program, call and speak with one of our commercial finance experts today.